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Intuitive Visualization of high-dimensional data

Pavel² is a complete new designed Version of the Pavel Project (https://github.com/TimoKorinth/pavel) and is a tool for interactively displaying and evaluating large sets of highdimensional data. The key task for Pavel² is the intuitive and easy Interaction with the program in combination with a rich User Interface based on the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

The first project was developed as a student research project at Dortmund University since in October 2006. When the project was nearing its end a year later, the software was usable but still left room for improvement. Especially the usability and navigation wasn’t as good as it should be.


– Easy Import of CSV-Data
– Show your data in various visualizations
– High performance and fast navigation of huge data-sets
– Intuitive and easy Interaction
– Rich WPF User Interface

Get it

Go to https://github.com/TimoKorinth/pavel2.


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