Timo Korinth

2 Meter, 2 Mark

by Timo Korinth

Developer Week 2016

The DWX16 is over and it was an awesome conference. Thanks all for this well organized, fun and very interesting event.

For the first time I was able to try out Microsoft’s HoloLense by myself. I was impressed by the battery life and the resolution of the projected world. Especially the positioning in the 3D space worked really great. But I was disappointed by the really, REALLY small field of view. It felt like holding a smartphone 30cm in front of your face. But ok, lets see it this way: It’s the first “prototype” and hopefully in 1-2 years it’ll work like it is meant to be ;-)

Here are some impressions:

PodiumKerry01 SessionDWX01 PodiumDavid01 PodiumDWX01

If you are interested in my slides about AngularJS performance, here you go:

Speed-up Angular Slides

by Timo Korinth


On my easter holiday I got some time to play around with my RaspberryPi 2, Windows 10 Iot, Angular2 and the official Pi display. The outcome is a LCARS-like panel to control my SONOS sound system at home. I was really impressed how well all the components play together, especially Windows 10 Iot and the RaspberryPi display.


In addition to the SONOS player I integrated a Flickr Slideshow, so that I can use it as a Flickr-Photo-Frame as well:

Visit my GitHub page to get more details or check it out on your own. It’s build to work with your own SONOS system too ;-)

GitHub: https://github.com/TimoKorinth/lcars-sonos