Timo Korinth

2 Meter, 2 Mark

Developer Week 2016


The DWX16 is over and it was an awesome conference. Thanks all for this well organized, fun and very interesting event.

For the first time I was able to try out Microsoft’s HoloLense by myself. I was impressed by the battery life and the resolution of the projected world. Especially the positioning in the 3D space worked really great. But I was disappointed by the really, REALLY small field of view. It felt like holding a smartphone 30cm in front of your face. But ok, lets see it this way: It’s the first “prototype” and hopefully in 1-2 years it’ll work like it is meant to be ;-)

Here are some impressions:

PodiumKerry01 SessionDWX01 PodiumDavid01 PodiumDWX01

If you are interested in my slides about AngularJS performance, here you go:

Speed-up Angular Slides

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