Timo Korinth

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About me

Hi there,

I’m Timo Korinth, software developer and UX-engineer, working for untrouble. I live in Dortmund, Germany (that’s in Europe, Earth) and I’m a big fan of the local soccer/football/Fußball team: Heja BVB. I’m married to my lovely wife Jenny and have a cute son. Beside this I always find time to drink one of the many tasty beers with my friends.

I’ve been developing software since I was a little boy. My first computer was a Commodore 64. One of the first code snippets I wrote in Basic was a program to play a “rocket-starting-midi-sound”. Deeply impressed by this event I decided to become a nerd ;-)

After finishing school I studied Applied Computer Science at the university of Dortmund. In my diploma theses I developed a software to visualize and display high-dimensional data in WPF.

That was my first contact with WPF and I fell in love with this technology. Especially the possibilities to describe and implement user interfaces in XAML I feel attached to. Since then, I’m in love with XAML, WPF, Silverlight (even if microsoft will smack it to the ground) and UI-development in general.

To share my thoughts about UI development, design, nerdism and everything else, I decided to start this blog. Feel free to contact me, leave comments on my posts or hate me ;-)

Oh, and I wrote a book about my passion (in German, sorry): Benutzerorientierte Software-Entwicklung: Fallstudie zur Entwicklung einer Datenvisualisierungssoftware