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2 Meter, 2 Mark

by Timo Korinth

Yarn vs. NPM

There’s a new rising star in the world of package managers: Yarn (by Facebook).

It promises some cool features (especially in comparison to NPM):

  • Ultra fast / Optimized network performance
  • Offline mode / Caching of packages

This sounds good so I tested it with a new Angular 2 application (created with Angular CLI). Unsurprisingly Yarn with cached packages beats them all, but the “normal” first run of Yarn was noticeable slower than the good old NPM install.

I’ve created a short video to show you the results:

by Timo Korinth

World Usability Day 2016

Yesterday was “world usability day 2016” and we were very proud to celebrate it at the “Dortmunder U” with tons of interesting talks and discussions about UX, usability & the future of our digital world. I was especially happy as this event took place in my hometown at this history-charged place.

Martin Hoppe and I talked about 3D in current business applications and how to integrate 3D models in existing applications. We tried to cover all the interesting topics like unity 3D, WPF & HTML Integration, CAD models and HoloLens:


See our slides (in german): Was bringt 3D?

Thanks to everyone who made this possible and hope to see you all next year at the same place!

by Timo Korinth

Developer Week 2016

The DWX16 is over and it was an awesome conference. Thanks all for this well organized, fun and very interesting event.

For the first time I was able to try out Microsoft’s HoloLense by myself. I was impressed by the battery life and the resolution of the projected world. Especially the positioning in the 3D space worked really great. But I was disappointed by the really, REALLY small field of view. It felt like holding a smartphone 30cm in front of your face. But ok, lets see it this way: It’s the first “prototype” and hopefully in 1-2 years it’ll work like it is meant to be ;-)

Here are some impressions:

PodiumKerry01 SessionDWX01 PodiumDavid01 PodiumDWX01

If you are interested in my slides about AngularJS performance, here you go:

Speed-up Angular Slides